Hello lovely blog readers, I have a very fun announcement to make! I have been quietly working on a new online home for my photography and I’m finally ready to share it with you! It’s at http://www.jackynoel.com

Blog posts will no longer be updated here, so bookmark it! 😉

Thanks for all your support!!



Sunday was a lazy day so Jamie and I took advantage of the fact that we’d be cooped up inside. Roommates make for excellent models! 🙂 Here’s the rest of that shoot…

Since the rain kept us inside all day, my roommate and I decided to play with our cameras (she’s a photographer too). Here’s just a sneak peek… more to come soon!

Eric and Jenny are celebrating 7 years of marriage!! They are so fun to hang out with and I have no doubt they’ll be celebrating MANY more anniversaries together! Congrats you two!!

S & L

S and L hung out with me at LACMA (LA County Museum of Art) last weekend. At some point during the day I felt like they may have confused me with a cameraman shooting a musical! They certainly like to have fun, and weren’t afraid to bust out some dance moves, as you’ll see…